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Whether you work in a large or small business or you are a home user wanting to secure your hard disk information Literati can help implement a backup procedure and system for you.

Data and information are the heart and soul of any business or organization this day and age. This data could be financial, inventory, patient or client information, papers or even home user documents. Securing your data in todayís world from potential security risks is a must. At any time a security breach can occur. Thatís when you will thank yourself that your computer information has been securely stored using an appropriate backup system.

Literati is experienced in assessing your backup needs and implementing and maintaining a backup system that will provide you with the right level of security. Literati can also provide off-site backup monitoring service, to ensure that your backup system is running without fail. Should a problem occur, Literati will be aware of it, and will take immediate steps to alert you and correct the problem to ensure that your data is safe.

Literati is now pleased to offer web-based offsite backups at a value price through Moze Pro. For more information, refer to the overview files available to the right.

Let Literati help protect your data.
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